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AETERNUS Training programs are perfect for individuals to enhance their careers. Our hands-on practical and interactive programs use real time environment and equipment while our emphasis on real world job skills, problem solving, and other relevant training. This approach gives Logic Bridge Trainees a competitive edge over others.

AETERNUS provides training choices in multiple formats and delivery methods, offering top-quality training custom-tailored to meet your specific needs, learning style and market demands. Our Training process is combination of theory, project work and case studies; which will help consultant to gain real time project experience.

We are successful in deploying all students we trained into project with 2-3 weeks after training program.
Our training programs will last for 6-8 weeks dependents on technology.
We will provide on job support for trainees until technology comfort level is attained.

At AETERNUS SOLUTIONS, we will conduct continuous market research to identify demand / supply for each technology and offer training program accordingly, this help in successfully placing the trainees in projects.

AETERNUS will also train trainees in upcoming technologies to benefit trainees.
We will advise and direct trainees into right technologies and offer excellent professional career and High pay packages.

Technologies we are currently offering Training:

  • Single Sign On (SSO) and IDM (Identity Management tools)
  • Oracle Applications (ERP Packages, PL/SQL); PeopleSoft and SAP
  • .Net, C#, ASP.NET, AJAX, XML Web Services                             
  • Java/J2EE, WebLogic, SQL
  • SAN (EMC)
  • BI Technologies: Cognos 8.2, Business Objects.                      
  • ETL Tools: Informatica, Data Stage, Ab Initio

Our instructors possess extensive firsthand knowledge and experience with these applications and are focused on providing your organization with the necessary education and tools needed to operate more productively. You may choose from the types of training services we offer listed below and be well on your way to maximizing your technology investment. Classroom Group or individual classes are available which demonstrate how to use your new business systems and applications. We have a dual approach to our learning. Our training sessions encompass a hands-on component to aid you in understanding product features as well as lectured learning that will help you to identify potential issues related to your current procedures including decision/workflow diagramming.


Take advantage of online training. Clients have touted this form of training to be not only convenient but also highly interactive. Our web-based training is live and provides individualized support delivered to any desktop, anywhere. We address issues, demonstrate how to perform various tasks, review procedures, introduce new applications, share information and conduct meetings thru Live Meeting, which is accessible via our web site (upper right hand corner).


Training employees properly is a major contributor to a successful system implementation. Our trainers can manage the job for you, or we will support your training efforts. We can help you develop a complete training plan and design a curriculum matched specifically to your needs. We also provide just in time training sessions, task-specific procedure guides, and customized on-line support, whatever it takes to meet your needs.

For organizations to stay ahead in today’s fast changing business scenario, time is the single biggest factor – time to market, time to launch new products, time to respond to customers. Organizations are faced with a growing number of challenges and business risks due to rapid advances in technology and increasing pressures on margins. Our Offshore development model has a unique distinction of providing efficient software solutions with cost and quality advantage, using state-of-the-art technologies, having the capacity to handle large projects and, above all, the ability to execute timely deliveries.

TECH-HUNT IT Innovation Pvt Ltd is our Offshore Development Center at Hyderabad. India is comprised of an excellent delivery facility and staff dedicated to our customer’s IT requirements. The center consists of a team of trained application specialists and programmers operating out of the facility.

Offshore Model

Under this model, the entire project is executed from our offshore facility.
The offshore project manager interacts with the client and works with the development team to ensure the timely deliveries of all work products during the lifecycle of the project.
The project gets executed using well-defined process centric templates and procedures.
A customer-relationship manager (NJ based) is also assigned to ensure the health of the project and to provide oversight to the engagement.
This model provides the best-cost advantage and is quicker to start with.

Offshore Delivery Model > Process

AETERNUS is a process driven organization. We believe in establishing the systems and processes that ensures guaranteed and repeated success the first time, second time, and all the time. Our Software Development process is complaint with the SEI Capability Maturity Model. The key attribute of our process is the flexibility of the process to be customizable to each project and customer need effectively. Though we have a ready process defined for typical scenarios, the flexibility is available at various levels to tailor and substitute the process elements. Our 5 phase offshore delivery model structures interactions between you, AETERNUS"S onsite staff, And Logicbridge's offshore staff so that we remain intimately aware of your requirements and needs throughout the project. This is how we produce what you want, on time, and on budget.

Ongoing Interaction with Customers

A typical project team in the Onsite-offshore development model consists of an Onsite coordinator who is either based on the customer site or at our Richmond, Virginia facility. The onsite coordinator takes care of all interactions with the client team requiring immediate resolutions and quick turnarounds. The coordinator ensures direct communication with the offshore teams for activities like daily status reporting, requirement changes, change request signoffs, and clarifications on the requirements. The advantage of having an onsite coordinator is that customers do not have to interact with offshore teams outside business hours.

Keeping Customers Informed

A project plan covering all aspects of the project along with a detailed schedule is created at the beginning of the project. The project plan gets approved by our customers, and updated based on the changes in the requirement. A weekly status report covering all aspects of the project is emailed to the customer by the project onsite coordinator and reviewed during A weekly conference call. The conference call is also used to discuss all high priority open issues. The latest project plans and status reports are made available on a shared folder at the client site or on the internet.

Onsite > Off shore

Under this model, one (or more) of the offshore team members is deployed at the client site and works as a liaison between the client and the offshore team. A typical onsite offshore team ratio varies anywhere from 10-90 to 30-70, depending on the specific set of the services involved and scale of the project. The appropriate team ratio for a project is arrived by jointly taking into account the cost, services, project needs and effort. Some of the advantages of this model include – client interaction with the onsite team during normal business hours, reduced management time from client side, communication & cultural risk coverage and effective & faster knowledge transfer to offshore staff.

The six key characteristics that determine the effectiveness of an I/T organization in support of New Product Development are:
Common and Integrated
Cost Effective
Scaleable and Flexible
Accessible and Available

With these six critical success factors in mind in the process of New Product Development.
Product development support
This Solution Area provides a portfolio of support tools and services that accelerates the time to market by streamlining the Product Development process.

We offer new solutions as well as maintenance and user support in the following areas:
Business Intelligence Products.
ETL (Extract- Transform-Load) tools.
Custom Application Development Tools.
Customized Project Management Tools
Project Cost Control Systems
Quality Reporting and Warranty Analysis
Product and Process Data Management
Website Designing:

Professional/High Quality Web sites that stand out from the competition

A strong Internet presence is now considered to be a critical component of an overall marketing strategy for a business. The design and layout of a website is just as important as the design of brochures and sales material. A poorly designed website can have a negative impact on the perception of the business and result in the loss of potential customers. Does your site have a powerful and long-lasting impact? Our Website Design team starts an engagement by working with your team to establish the requirements for the overall look and feel, functionality, and navigational structure of your new website. We understand that your website needs to reflect the uniqueness of your company, and that is why we provide several design options before proceeding with the development of the website. Once development of your new site is complete, LogicBridge will thoroughly test the site prior to launching it. The LogicBridge Website Design team creates professional, High-Quality, good Looking and thought-provoking Web sites that stand out from your competition. Your website will be fully protected from hackers and viruses. The end result is a powerful Web site that is:

Easy to navigate
Quick to download
Accurately and creatively reflecting the mission of your company
Maximizing visitor traffic
Generating business
Building strong customer loyalty

As organizations work to achieve and sustain competitive advantage, the ability for IT departments to demonstrate their value and deliver results to the business has received renewed focus. Businesses are demanding more than ever from their IT function, requiring more than just minor operational efficiencies. The ability to evolve IT from a cost center to a value producer has become a vital part of an organization’s IT strategy.
The IT landscape has seen an explosive rate of growth over the past several years. However, simply throwing technology at a business problem or implementing technology for technology’s sake is neither a strategy nor a prudent course of action for any organization. New trends and emerging technologies bring with them an entire set of challenges and potential pitfalls. The ability to effectively navigate this IT landscape can determine an organization’s ultimate success or downfall.

Enterprise Integration Overview

AETERNUS understands the challenges associated with complex systems implementations. Integration of the right technologies ensures the fulfillment of the end-to-end processes that run your business or government agency. AETERNUS Enterprise Integration practice is built on the knowledge that constructing a well architected solution in today’s complex enterprises requires not only an understanding of enabling technologies, but also how those technologies support and align with the enterprise’s business initiatives. Our Enterprise Integration practitioners possess the vision and experience to design and implement enterprise-class solutions for our clients. Whether it is supporting the integration of an ERP or CRM solution or the construction of a front end web portal, our Enterprise Integration offerings are focused on providing the critical components of your organization's IT infrastructure. Our Enterprise Integration offering is made up of the following 6 core solutions:

Enterprise Content Management

Enterprise Architecture

Integration Solutions

Open Source Integration

Web Portal Solutions

Solution Architecture

Enterprise Content Management:

Our Enterprise Content Management (ECM) team has extensive experience in providing services and solutions to help our clients leverage their unstructured content. Whether the need is for Records Management, Collaboration, or Web Content Management, our consultants use industry leading technologies (including Documentum, Microsoft, and IBM) to build successful ECM programs for our clients. For more information on our ECM offering.

Enterprise Architecture:

Our Enterprise Architecture group has broad experience in designing Application, Data and Integration architectures for our clients, ranging from start-up companies to the Fortune 1000 and Government Agencies of all sizes. Utilizing best-of-breed architecture modeling tools and frameworks (including Zachman and FEA), our architects provide engineered results that are usable, traceable, and integrated reference guides able to evolve with the IT organization and enterprise application portfolio. For more information on our EA offering,.

Integration Solutions:

Our Integration Solutions team connects an organization's application and data environments using the leading integration and middleware tools, standards, and patterns. With a goal towards maximizing the ROI on IT investments for our clients, our experts allow potentially disparate IT environments to function as a cohesive, technologically agnostic solution.

Open Source Integration:

Open Source Integration provides specialization around the implementation, customization, and support services related to implementing the best of breed products from the Open Source community. WCI has successfully utilized open source technologies as part of larger implementations and we continue to evaluate and participate in several business-focused open source initiatives.

Web Portal Solutions:

Our Web Portal Solutions team creates web applications that bring distributed data, applications, and services together, allowing for business insight, collaboration, and agility. Our architects use a wide variety of tools, including Oracle, BEA, and Vignette, to provide dynamic and adaptable interfaces into our clients' expanding suite of business applications.

Solution Architecture:

Our Solution Architecture group provides an overarching component for the implementation of all the architectural elements required to design and implement solutions in our Enterprise Integration practice. Our architects use an approach driven by proven methodologies (RUP, SODA, etc) to provide full implementation lifecycle coverage for our clients.

Aeternus Solutions is specializing in providing the following services to global pharmaceutical companies
  • Single Case Processing (ICSRs and related services)
  • Aggregate Report Writing (PSURs,PBRERs, IND reports, DSURs other allied reports and related services)
  • Medical Writing
  • Literature Search & Review
  • Safety Database Hosting

From the start, our physicians, healthcare professionals, life scientists have expertly handled the processing of hundreds of highly sophisticated clinical studies and products from a Drug Safety perspective. These include the following therapeutic areas, and form the basis of the services we offer

  • Oncology
  • Infections and Infestations
  • Dermatology
  • Cardiovascular
  • Opthamology
  • Rheumatology
  • Immunology/Autoimmune Diseases
  • Metabolic disorders
  • Hematology
  • Virology
  • Psychiatric and CNS Disorders
  • Medical Devices
  • Pain

Aeternus Solutions clinical data management team consists of highly skilled staff; many of which have health care–related backgrounds. Aeternus Solutions clinical data management staff members have served as architects and implementers of clinical trial information management systems in pharmaceutical companies and National Institutes of Health–sponsored studies. In addition, Aeternus Solutions clinical data management staff is actively involved in activities of the Drug Information Association (DIA), Society for Clinical Data Management (SCDM), and the Clinical Data Interchange Standards Consortium (CDISC).

Statistical Programming provides excellence in service and efficiency

For any phase of drug development, Aeternus Solutions biostatisticians in collaboration with our statistical programmers offer comprehensive services including:

  • Design of clinical trials and product programs
  • Data analysis planning
  • Design and implementation of randomization systems including adaptive randomization systems
  • Data analyzation
  • Generation of efficient data display using Tables Listings Figures (TLF) library
  • Support of data and safety monitoring board
  • Specialized statistical consultation tailored to sponsor's needs
  • Customized statistical training
  • Customized project services

Aeternus Solutions experienced professional programmers work closely with biostatisticians in the creation and validation of analysis data sets and data displays. The statistical programming team is committed to excellence in the delivery of customized, fully validated deliverables. Aeternus Solutions Statistical Programmers bring education, experience, technical knowledge, and training to each project.

We specialize exclusively in Drug Safety: that is our primary strength. Since our establishment, our highly qualified and experienced team of physicians, healthcare professionals and life-scientists has been focused on delivering quality Pharmacovigilance services to our clients. We bring to our clients significant advantages. Thus:

  1. A team with strong set of values with good work ethics to serve the pharmacovigilance services to our beloved clients.
    • Scientific knowledge expert team with good experience in processing thousands of single cases individually.

    • Exposure to a very wide range of therapeutic areas, products and studies

    • Extremely low staff turnover, resulting in industry-leading stability (data available on request)

    • Fully proficient in English

  2. Work with quality,

    our team has established an excellent, enviably high and measurable track record in this domain.

  3. A compliance

    and client-oriented mindset to deliver quality within time.

  4. World-class training:

    Aeternus Solutions team of trainers ensures a focus on constant training and retraining of its scientific staff in a seamless manner.

  5. Working on post marketed drug safety surveillance studies/Epidemiology studies.
  6. A proven record in project management and a near perfect adherence to delivery timelines.

With all these strengths we are growing to provide the quality services to the industry.

We truly believe that we are bringing the quality services to the pharma world

Aeternus Solutions is a growing company offering a wide range of pharmacovigilance services

We are always in search of talented personnel, please feel free to submit your resume. Resumes may be submitted to hr@aeternussoluitons.com If you meet our qualifications for any position, our human resources personnel will contact you.

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