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Custom Application Development:

Today's corporate IT departments are being stretched to their limits. The CIO needs to quickly deploy new IT applications to streamline and integrate IT with ever evolving business processes and changing customer needs. The success for this development depends on timely implementation with limited budgets, thus translating into a faster ROI. AETERNUS SOLUTIONS offers - software development outsourcing services that are geared to meet the requirements of lowering the total costs of IT spending and increasing ROI.

The cornerstone of success of any software application development effort is based on robust methodologies. At AETERNUS SOLUTIONS, we recognize that not all development projects are the same and that a cookie-cutter approach cannot be used across all projects; therefore, AETERNUS SOLUTIONS evaluates each project individually to determine which methodology is the most appropriate.

What We Do:

Based on our detailed assessment of the project, we fine-tune our SpectraAgile methodology to execute the development work.

How We Do It:

Custom Application Development Methodologies SpectraAgile:

AETERNUS Agile provides our clients with a competitive advantage by leveraging Agile programming principles to maximize ROI. Our guiding ethos behind this methodology is to "minimize the work not done." The Agile development approach is optimized for handling changing requirements even late in a development phase. Early and continuous delivery of working software ensures that both customer satisfaction and team motivation remain high. Utilization of techniques, such as re-factoring, pair programming, early testing, and frequent builds results in significant reduction in defects, while providing higher transparency and lower risks and costs. To top it all, the need to maintain a constant pace necessitates close interaction between all stakeholders and makes the entire custom application development process more dynamic!

AETERNUS Agile uses a "spiral" approach to software application development. This approach is an adaptation of the Microsoft Solutions Framework, the recommendations from the Object Management Group (OMG), Unified Modeling Language for notation and the Rational Unified Process. The iterative nature of this methodology allows AETERNUS SOLUTIONS to overcome the shortcomings of the traditional "waterfall" approach and helps to better align custom application development to business objectives.

Each iteration is a complete cycle, starting from requirements to implementation. High priority functions are delivered first, while less critical features are developed last. Multiple iterations may be executed in parallel, depending on the nature of the project and availability of client subject-matter experts.


At AETERNUS, we view Mobility as being more than one Mobile application or Mobile website. In today's "always on" connected world, Mobility solutions need to provide a framework to allow businesses to implement innovative solutions across multiple mobile platforms & devices. Our mobile solutions team provides expertise on mobile User Interfaces, User Experience, Data Integration, Web services and Security. Additionally we look at integrating cloud enabled social media tools & predictive analytics to help businesses relate to their customers in a highly cost effective manner.

Our highly experienced professional team can help you with appropriate solutions that your business needs. Our experience includes:

Native Mobile Application Development, built specifically for iOS, Android, Windows Mobile & now BB10 platform
Hybrid Mobile Application Development that provide functionality via browsers but are downloadable apps.
Mobile optimized Web Site Development
Integration with Facebook, Twitter, Google/Bing Maps etc.
Web Services Integration to facilitate business rules abstraction and third party service integration to deliver capabilities like SMS / text command driven features, location based services etc.

Mobile device testing:

Maintenance of Mobile solutions is a challenging aspect of any Mobility strategy.
Our Mobility group is constantly exploring how HTML5 along with cross platform development frameworks like PhoneGap,
YUI3 Mobile and Sencha Touch can be leveraged, to reduce the need to engage multiple teams with various skills to manage your mobile applications portfolio.

Testing of mobile devices and applications is equally challenging due to the rapidly changing versions of Mobile Operating systems & launch of new devices in the market.
Our cost effective global capabilities offer a major advantage in overcoming this challenge.

Maintenance and Production Support

Applications drive a company's core and supporting business processes; however, with constantly changing business environments, the challenges ofmaintaining and supporting complex applications are increasing. Our clients rely on us totake ownership of their application portfolio, and ensure that they areevolving to support new business needs (Maintenance) as well as performing within desired Service Levels on an on-going basis (Production Support). AETERNUS leverages itsrobust Offshore Delivery Center (ODC) modelto provide as-needed resources for better flexibility, scalability andcost effective delivery of Maintenance & Production Supportservices.

Our mature and robust delivery approach integrates required technologies, people and service levels. We have developed the requisite skills and infrastructure to manage global IT environments in order to deliver measurable results. We help our clients to reduce the total cost of applicationMaintenance & Production Support by 30 to 70 percent.

What We Do

By employing our global delivery model, AETERNUS provides real results faster. This model uses a custom mix of onsite, offsite and offshore resources to provide cost-effective solutions for application maintenance. We use proven project management practices to facilitate communication between our clients, to manage project workflow and to perform detailed design and analysis phases. Development and construction phases are carried out at our offsite/offshore development centers. Our proven methodology and best-of-breed practices are based on our 50+ years of project experience developing customized software applications.

How We Do It

Our AETERNUS Maint methodology is a logical combination of processes, which comprise of proven methods and tools to assimilate customer's business process knowledge and align with their individual standards and procedures. This methodology is powered by the AETERBUS Global Delivery Service, which gives us the flexibility and ability to deliver a unique mix of services, onsite at the customer location, offsite / offshore development centers. This methodology consists of the following four phases: Plan, Transition, Stable and Optimize.


This phase focuses on developing a road map for overall outsourcing of the engagement, a project plan that spells out the roles and responsibilities of both Spectraforce and the client, a detailed work breakdown structure, and the tools and techniques supporting processes like quality assurance, change management, risk management, reporting/communication and measurements.


During this phase, our team utilizes AETERNUSTransfer processes for the collection and understanding of application management and business knowledge by the onsite and offshore staff so that the customer's environment is understood. We create business processes and management procedures to be followed after AETERNUS takes over responsibility. Baseline service level information is obtained as a basis for measuring the engagement progress. Resources from AETERNUS offshore development centers will travel to customer sites to acquire business knowledge expertise. The transition concludes with the transfer of responsibility for application support and/or maintenance from the client to AETERNUS. The cut-over tasks are focused on completing a seamless transition of service from the customer to Spectraforce with no interruption of service.

Cycles are monitored, initial metrics are captured and reported and the workload is executed for the client.


This is the post-evolution period when the complete workload is executed, additional workload is gradually shifted from onsite to offshore, process refinement occurs, metrics are analyzed, and a stable state of operations is reached. The AETERNUS team gains additional experience in both the application management and business knowledge of the customer's environment and uses this knowledge to identify improvements throughout the customer's portfolio of applications.


In this phase, the engagement is put into a continuous improvement mode by capturing and analyzing required metrics related to engagement success. Based on the metrics analysis and lesson learnt, necessary software maintenance and corrective or preventive measures are taken

IT Applications play a critical role in delivering products and services to your customers in a timely manner. Inspite of business criticality and dependency on IT Applications and their optimum performance, many companies struggle to maintain adequate testing resources, state-of-the-art tools and the processes/frameworks required for application testing. AETERNUS Application Testing Services offer a full suite of capabilities to deliver the right mix of service, assets and testing professionals to match our client's needs and requirements. We will ensure that your business systems and applications function and perform to your expectations, while assuring both security and quality.

What We Do
AETERNUS provides a complete spectrum of software application testing services that include:
Setting up and managing Testing Centers of Excellence for:
Testing assessment: evaluation and strategy, testing models, service-level metrics
Functional testing:

Assembly, product, user acceptance, automated regression

Application performance testing:

volume, stress/load

Testing management:

test coverage analysis, defect management, reporting and metrics

Our comprehensive testing solutions can enable companies to assess quality, develop best-in-class strategies, streamline automation and perform and software application testing on a continual basis.

With our global model, AETERNUS delivers high performance and business results, which enable clients to:

Significantly reduce ongoing costs and decrease cycle time or time to market
Improve quality and application availability with lower defect rates
Enhance flexibility through "on-demand" access to global resources

How We Do:

Using Our AETERNUSQA Transformation Process

AETERNUS uses a combination of tools, highly-skilled resources and processes within its AETERNUSQA Transformation Framework to quickly assume responsibility, transfer knowledge and seamlessly develop a custom QA testing organization for its clients.

How We Do:

Using Our AETERNUSQA Transformation Process

AETERNUS uses a combination of tools, highly-skilled resources and processes within its AETERNUSQA Transformation Framework to quickly assume responsibility, transfer knowledge and seamlessly develop a custom QA testing organization for its clients. Our application testing services enable you to get your products or services to the market faster by using our testing centers of excellence to deliver the right mix of testing and quality assurance professionals at your location. Alternatively, you can use our cost-effective network of offshore testing centers to do the same. AETERNUS'S software application testing and quality management solutions apply best practices in all phases of the system's lifecycle. Our background in quality assurance, combined with market-leading software tools and deep-testing expertise, enables Spectraforce to deliver end-to-end testing capabilities that help your organization achieve quality.

Our Enterprise Applications Solutions group has developed expertise in the areas of EAI, ERP, Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence. Our Enterprise Application Solutions practice helps our clients successfully overcome the following business challenges

Drive market leadership, differentiation, and innovation
Support new business processes, products and services
Eliminate manual processes that result in higher effort and cost
Establish adherence to regulatory requirements
Need for data integration across the enterprise


AETERNUS's EAI expertise spans across the entire range of industry leading EAI tools such as Tibco, Oracle Fusion Middleware, SAP, JD Edwards, PeopleSoft, Seibel CRM etc. AETERNUS SOLUTIONS has focused efforts on comprehensive Enterprise Application management, Middleware administration and 24/7 support services.

AETERNUS's Enterprise Application Integration practice helps provide seamless integration between disparate applications across an enterprise, eliminating barriers of connectivity and data portability. AETERNUS's Enterprise Application Service provides a comprehensive range of services covering the full lifecycle of the integration solution framework:

EAI strategy & roadmap definition
Product evaluations
Infrastructure planning
Middleware definition, design and deployment
Migration and upgrade services


AETERNUS's ERP practice boasts one of the best pools of experienced SAP & Oracle Apps professionals. We provide end-to-end implementations and manage the complete project execution, from project, change, and risk management to analysis, design, customization and testing.

Our proven Upgrade framework, helps protect investments in applications, data, and interfaces when customers migrate from one version of SAP / Oracle Apps to to another.

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