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About Us

We are a quality-driven contract research organization (CRO) and pharmaceutical services providing company serving the pharmaceutical industry globally and specializing in Pharmacovigilance, Validation and Clinical Data Management services. We are based on service providing knowledge with excellent infrastructure and facilities. Our qualified, professionally-trained staff, world-class IT infrastructure and an impeccable track record guarantees very high standards. Quality consciousness, timely delivery and cost effectiveness, are testament to our indispensable value to our clients worldwide.

Drug safety is what we do. We exclusively provide Pharmacovigilance services, including Single Case and Aggregate Reports, without any distractions.

The Company

Aeternus Solutions is a professional, national contract consulting executive search and human capital solutions firm specializing in licensed, degreed, or certified professionals in:

  • Biotechnology/Pharmaceutical
  • Information Technology
  • Medical Technology and Engineering

Aeternus Solutions was established with a highly-qualified professional team with a rich background in research, quality management, and thorough familiarity with the culture and business practices of the west and the east

Our head office is located in New Jersey and also having branchs providing services from New Jersey and India and allows for business expansion and ensures business continuity.

“Serving the efficient services to the pharma world with extensive quality “

We are a quality-driven contract research organization (CRO) and pharmaceutical services providing company serving the pharmaceutical industry globally and specializing in Pharmacovigilance, Validation and Clinical Data Management services. We are based on service providing knowledge with excellent infrastructure and facilities. Our qualified, professionally-trained staff, world-class IT infrastructure and an impeccable track record guarantees very high standards. Quality consciousness, timely delivery and cost effectiveness, are testament to our indispensable value to our clients worldwide.

“Serving the efficient services to the pharma world with extensive quality“

At Aeternus Solutions, we deal exclusively with Drug Safety. We assume complete responsibility for all the work we take in hand: whether PSUR writing, single case processing, narrative writing, or other. We make sure to reach our all deliverables to our clients on time.

We are geared towards adapting ourselves to the processes and requirements of the client, and make seamless adjustments. The intention, and the result, is that the Pharmaceutical company contracting us is able to concentrate upon its own core work: research; innovation; improving the quality of countless lives.


At Aeternus Solutions, we pride ourselves in a culture of quality and simplicity. We encourage our people to openly share thoughts, knowledge and respect them for their contributions. Our subject matter experts and scientific writers working hard to provide services with the same responsibility and sense of belonging, and this demonstrates the extent to which our culture inspires loyalty.

Quality and professionalism is our forte and this is instilled in employees from the time we started service. Together, we have built a professional camaraderie that lets us not only work sincerely and meet targets, but also celebrate joys and successes with great team spirit


We were established with a great management team, which is encouraging us and pushing forward all the way by providing all the needs to serve the pharma world.


Our only mission is to provide exceptional quality work on time.

Business planning and training

We do have excellent business development team and training team to train the new hires for the upcoming projects. Our Human Resources/ Development team is our one of the biggest asset for us


AETERNUS SOLUTIONS IT staffing specialists work closely with employers to understand their business needs and objectives and make the right IT consultant match for your organization.B44+B14 Our IT staffing specialists can provide contract consultants, permanent staff and managed services. From application programmers and network operators, to systems analysts and CIOs, we can provide professionals in the functional areas of data management, functional and business management, infrastructure and systems application development.


  • Client Server
  • Mobile Applications
  • Main Frame
  • Web-Internet


  • Help Desk/Technical Support                                  
  • Network Design, Implementation, Administration
  • Security/Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery
  • Systems Administration

Enterprise Data Management

  • Businesss Intelligence and Data Warehousing
  • Database Design, Development and Administration
  • Enterprise Data Verification and Validation     
  • ERP/CRM Implementation and Customization


  • Architecture and Business Systems Analysis
  • Change and Release Management
  • Program and Project Mangement 
  • Quality Assurance and Documentation

IT Networking Support Services for Businesses in New Jersey and the entire Tri-State Area.
Comprehensive Office Technology Support
Our support contracts help small to medium size businesses stay focused on their core competency by providing them with a way to cost-effectively manage their computer infrastructure.
Our support contract solutions deliver enterprise level IT services for a fraction of the cost.

Our services include:

24/7 network monitoring
24/7x4 emergency response for critical systems
Remote network management
World class help desk support
Onsite support
Our deliverables include:
Guaranteed Service Level Agreements
Monthly support evaluation meetings
Monthly performance trend reports


AETERNUS SOLUTIONS Provides consulting services to organizations in advance of or after a compliance audit to resolve any IT related issues that need to be remediating.
Many times this work is centered on documenting the processes and procedures that are in place or need to be in place.
AETERNUS SOLUTIONS Can work with your organization to review the specific audit requirements presented and put a plan in place to successfully comply with the auditors requests and Providing the below IT Solutions.
Experienced Professionals - Certified and experienced IT consultants and network engineers.
Excellent Service - High quality, high touch service
Expert Advice - Consultative approach from industry leaders in IT Management
Exceptional Value - Flexible and customized support plans reduces costs
Extraordinary Technology - Business Intelligence, ETL, Database Tools, Application Development Tools, Integrated monitoring, help desk, remote access and CRM systems
Design and Installation Services
Business Intelligence Certified Consulting
ETL Certified Consulting
Application Development Consulting
Database Support Certified Consulting.
Network Design & Performance Tuning
A Network Architect will design the network topology, network protocol and network architecture best suited to your organization based on your unique requirements.
The design will provide for fault tolerance and redundancy (via clustering, mirroring or other techniques), so no data will be lost in the event of a network failure.
SAN/NAS Storage Solutions
AETERNUS SOLUTIONS can help your organization determine its disk storage needs for backup, disaster recovery or regulatory compliance, design a cost effective solution and source the hardware and software required from a variety of vendors including EMC, HP and Network Appliance.
IT Assessments & Audits
Many small and mid-sized organizations can benefit significantly from an IT Assessment to improve staff productivity and reduce costs.
An IT Assessment should be performed once every three years by an outside consultant to document the inventory of equipment, analyze the performance of the entire environment and make recommendations for improvements.
AETERNUS SOLUTIONS offers a quick and efficient IT Assessment that covers comprehensive descriptions, analysis and recommendations on an organization's servers, workstations, printers, routers, switches, firewall, bandwidth, data center , IT management, data storage, security, critical applications, disaster recovery, networking and business considerations.

With our current economic crisis, many medium-sized businesses are looking for ways to save money, but still require a solid IT infrastructure.
AETERNUS SOLUTIONS'S IT Outsourcing service lowers costs while bringing peace of mind to the company.
It allows the company to concentrate on their core competencies and business development tasks.
A virtual CIO will help align your business goals with your IT environment.
Our outsourcing service is ideal for medium-sized businesses that are downsizing, but would still like IT support from a group of certified IT professionals.

Designed for:

Companies who want to fully outsource their IT department support
Companies who prefer fixed costs no matter what time or disaster it is
Companies who benefit from many IT experts without having to pay for them all
Companies who want to consolidate their IT environment
Companies downsizing and can no longer budget for multiple IT personnel
A virtual Chief Information Officer, without the costs
Many user requests
Complex IT infrastructures

Additional Benefits:

Decreased response time (onsite and offsite)
Discounted Rates
No additional rate premiums
Our cutting-edge research pinpoints the issues and trends in outsourcing and brings our forward-thinking clients more insight into how outsourcing can help them achieve high-performance business goals.

Application Outsourcing Services:

Control costs and address software issues that can get in the way of larger business strategies.

Infrastructure Outsourcing Services:

Use your company's IT infrastructure to achieve dramatic results in business performance and business transformation.

Business Process Outsourcing Services:

Outsource entire business functions such as Desktop Support, human resources, finance, accounting, and supply chain management.

Monthly IT planning meetings
Multi-level SLAs
Detailed project logs
MON – Remote Monitoring Service
TIX – Online Trouble Ticketing System

The cost of having an internal IT staff has become a high expense.
Fortunately, NetCal has a solution that replaces your entire IT department with our IT staff.
We take care of all your needs, including planning and budgeting for the future.
This "full-service" solution enables managers and executives to concentrate on growing their business.
If a problem happens, NetCal will be there to resolve it.
If a user has any IT issues, NetCal will be there to assist them.
Due to its fixed cost structure and reasonable monthly pricing, clients can be assured that any support request is a valid support request.
Our main concern is to stabilize your environment and provide the best support for your users.
We will handle everything from backups to maintenance to desktop deployment to asset tagging to planning consolidation and migration strategies.

This is a unique service provided by AETERNUS SOLUTIONS where we offer our customers an opportunity to hire skilled global resources ranging from architects to programmers.

Key benefits of this model are:

a. It allows our clients to start an IT team with multiple skills almost overnight.
b. It is a highly cost-effective model, as clients do not have to invest in overheads and only pay for the resources they use.
c. Deployed resources have immediate access to our in-house technology experts and senior resources, such as project managers, architects and designers. This set up minimizes the learning curve and increases the efficiency and output. For example, if the work involves any design or architectural issues that are beyond the skillset of the hired resource, then the resource has immediate access to experts that help save time and money.

Other benefits include:

Direct labor cost savings of up to 60 - 70% when offshore resources are used Zero employee overhead costs such as employee benefit coverages, payroll and statutory costs No office set up and resulting overhead costs, such as real estate, telecommunication, admin etc. Pay as you use - no obligation to keep the resource on payroll after the work is done

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