About Us

At AETERNUS SOLUTIONS, we have a philosophy - a philosophy that excellence is derived through dedicated, focused and innovative work. We also believe that knowledge comes through sharing, and growth comes to every organization, where people use knowledge in team work. A progressive culture and a world of possibilities is what you see with us.

We are driven by a belief that employees are our most valuable assets, and the foundation of our long-term success is dependent on our people. We are committed to attracting and retaining the best people. We offer an industry standard compensation and benefits package to all our employees in U.S. and India, which includes paid leave, sick leave and health insurance/provident fund.

Working at AETERNUS SOLUTIONS will give you an opportunity to work in a positive and entrepreneurial work environment where...

Your colleagues are some of the best and brightest in the industry.

You will be empowered to perform individually in a collective environment.

You are encouraged to take risks and are rewarded for your performances.

Your leadership team and senior management act as friends and coaches to provide you with the required resources and direction to grow and get the best out of you.

Aeternus Solutions is a growing company offering a wide range of pharmacovigilance services

We are always in search of talented personnel, currently we are looking for Software developers, Programmer analysts, Business analysts, Data analysts, system analysts and Drug safety associates. please feel free to submit your resumes. Resumes may be submitted to hr@aeternussoluitons.com If you meet our qualifications for any of these positions, our human resources personnel will contact you.

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